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I’m Nicole Renay

Intuitive Life & Career Coach

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Personal Life Coaching

Customized for each individual client, together we’ll identify your path and move forward in your life purpose.

Career Coaching

Let’s create your career strategy.  Learn to incorporate work into your life mission to achieve greater fulfillment.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

I use intuitive insight, healing, accountability and strategy to help you achieve your goals, creating the greatest promise for a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Are you feeling stuck? Doing everything you can think of but you just seem to keep spinning your wheels?

Do you have a big vision for your life but you're not sure how to get started?

Do you feel like there's something missing in your life even though you've done everything 'right'?

Are you struggling to create joy, peace, or happiness in your life?

Are you in career transition and struggling to find a new role?

What Is Life Coaching?
Who is Coaching For?

Coaching is for everyone.  If you’re feeling stuck, struggling with your life purpose, relationship, health, fears, or limiting beliefs, life coaching will allow you to shift into the greatness that you know lies within you.

A supportive relationship can be the cornerstone of personal growth. When you see yourself as you really are, free from the desires of others, it becomes much easier to understand why you are here, figure out where you’d like to go, what you’d like to do, and which path holds the greatest promise for a fulfilling, meaningful life.  

What is the difference between a therapist a life coach and an intuitive life coach?

A therapist or counselor will explore your past using various techniques, introspection, and analysis to diagnose behavioral issues and painful habits.  A therapist may help with many types of issues such as depression, addiction, and anxiety

A life coach works as a partner, focusing on your present and future.  Coaches help you to become self-aware, allowing you to discover your passion and purpose, moving forward to achieve set goals.

An intuitive life coach does everything that a life coach does while incorporating a spiritual aspect and mindset for a much deeper understanding and growth.

It’s also important to note that a life coach is not a consultant, meaning a life coach is not going to give you all the answers and tell you what to do.  A life coach will guide the coaching conversation to allow you to discover your own answers and solutions.

How much time will I need to dedicate to coaching?

If you really want to achieve effective results, I’d recommend at least three months of weekly coaching.  That means, twelve coaching calls.  Each call is about 60 minutes.  You’ll also want to consider time to reflect and there will be homework!  I offer several packages so you can choose what works best for you.

What kind of people do you coach?

I tend to work well with those that are open-minded and appreciate a good sense of humor.  My clients are motivated and understand that intuitive life coaching uses non-traditional and alternative spiritual practices to gain deeper insights.  They are willing to take the time to explore who they are and make an investment in themselves. 

Does this sound like you?  We may be a great match!

Are you a psychic or medium?

I do not consider myself a psychic, though I believe we all have the potential to develop abilities.  I do have an innate intuitive ability that I discovered while learning Reiki.  This ability allows me to better understand where there are energy blockages/issues so that I’m able to focus my attention there.  The best way I can explain being an intuitive coach is that I have learned to listen to my ‘gut feeling’. 

What spiritual/new age tools do you use?

As an intuitive coach, the greatest tool at my disposal is me.  I trust my senses and gut instinct.  In conjunction with that, I do use numerology because for me it’s very straightforward.  Depending on the needs of my clients I may also use Oracle cards and Reiki.

Do you guarantee results?

The short answer to this is no.  Any coach that is honest will tell you the same thing, coaching results are based upon what you, the client puts into it.  Only you can determine your own success.  I can guarantee that I will do my very best to facilitate the process, helping you along the way.

What is your coaching process like?

I start out the same with everyone.  First, we’ll have an introductory call to discuss whether or not I’m the right coach for you.  There is not a sales call or pressuring you into signing up for coaching.  I need to know if you’re coachable and if we are compatible in this way.  It’s also an opportunity for you to ask questions and determine if you’re comfortable with me.  

If you decide to pursue my coaching, the next step is an intake session.  During this session we will go over the Client Relationship Management (CRM) website I use to track progress, ‘homework’, and scheduling…we’ll also discuss strategy and goals to determine an initial time frame for coaching so that you can purchase the appropriate package.

I may use several tools, such as numerology and Oracle card reading for insight on your path.  I also offer Reiki and highly recommend that as an add-on for coaching as it helps in connecting our energies, offering clearer insight.

It’s important to understand that each individual is different and has different needs, so no two coaching relationships are alike.  Generally, we will continue to define your goals and discover who you are, working incrementally towards achieving those goals, overcoming issues or blocks, and identifying solutions.  I will hold you accountable, offer feedback and insights, as well as celebrate victories with you.  I do assign homework as it helps to keep you focused and on task.  When you’ve achieved your goals, my job is done!

About Me

A little about me… I studied Public Administration at Flagler College, and for about twenty years worked in Human Resources and Operations Management.  I’ve had various HR roles focused mainly on management, recruiting, and talent acquisition.  I’ve also worked as a corporate trainer and HR Consultant.  Around 2012 I started coaching professionally on the side, and finally decided to make it my full-time business because I love doing it, I’m good at it and it’s just a natural fit!  What started as career coaching has blossomed into a more spiritually based life purpose intuitive coaching and energy healing.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

You can truly change your life, and I can help. 

As an intuitive life coach, I’m passionate about helping you identify your soul’s mission and help you live out your true purpose.

My coaching process allows you to find your true authentic self.  Bringing you into balance by identifying and aligning you with your true desires and sticking to them.

No more wishing for your dream life – You get to start living it now. You’re in the right place.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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