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Reiki is an energy healing practice that originated in Japan. My hands are placed lightly on or just above you, with the goal of using the universal life force energy to help you relax and facilitate healing. You will remain clothed for this session.

Reiki is much more than simply a hands-on healing technique. Reiki is a tool for spiritual growth, and enhancing quality of life. Reiki is a bridge between medicine, science & spirituality.

Angelic Healing can be added to your Reiki session (upon request).   Angelic spiritual healing practice is used to promote good health and balance throughout the entire human system. Angelic Healing works with the love and healing of the angels. During an Angelic healing session, the angels guide me as I work, using me as the conduit allowing the healing of the angels to pass into the client. The higher energy of the angels is cleansing, clearing, and recharging.

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Managing Technology for Stress Relief

Managing Technology for Stress Relief

Technology is often criticized as a catalyst of stress. However, under most circumstances, technology can be used to help reduce stress and anxiety with the use of various mindfulness tools such as wearable technology, apps, virtual reality, online classes, YouTube videos and recorded meditations.

Quitting Your Job After the Pandemic?

Quitting Your Job After the Pandemic?

If you’re thinking about handing in your resignation, you may have more company than you expected. Many people are reevaluating and changing their mindset after working from home for several months. Some experts believe that the majority of the workforce could be looking for a new job as the pandemic winds down.

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